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Durham food hub connects local farmers to local consumers

October 14, 2016 •

With the rise in farm-to-table restaurants and produce delivery services, demand is growing for local food.

A Durham group says there’s a gap between local farmers and the people who want their produce.

The group Farmer Foodshare delivers cases of locally grown food, such as collard greens, from a food hub called bull City Cool in Durham to public schools around the city. Without the hub, those students might not otherwise have access to fresh, local food.

“We’re trying to work with Durham farmers and producers and then trying to connect them with buyers in the community,” said Bull City Cool’s Manager Neal Curran.

Bull City Cool is a food hub, shared cold and dry storage warehouse for locally-grown food.

Some are using it as a space to grow their business. Others, such as the non-profit Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, use it to distribute food to the needy.

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