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Durham-based composting company runs on pedal power

January 30, 2017 • WNCN

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A company aimed at helping the environment is taking off in Durham.

Tilthy Rich is a composting service that runs on pedal power.

When Betsy Albright makes dinner, she takes one extra step – placing her food scraps into a five-gallon bucket.

Once a week the bucket is picked up, by bicycle , as part of a composting service by Durham-based Tilthy Rich.

“This year alone we’ve moved more than 115,000 pounds of food scraps and we have a diverted that from the landfill. So 115,000 pounds of food we’ve turned into compost,” said Kat Nigro, general manager of Tilthy Rich.

The scraps are taken to a community garden like the Geer Street Garden, which grows food for the non-traditional food bank, Interfaith Food Shuttle

“Tilthy rich picks up compost materials – so food scraps from the surrounding community businesses, homes – and then bring it to us.

Twice a week we get about 500 pounds of raw food scraps, flip it in our compost system,” explained Eliza Bordley with the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

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