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October 14, 2016

Durham food hub connects local farmers to local consumers

With the rise in farm-to-table restaurants and produce delivery services, demand is growing for local food. A Durham group says there’s a gap between local…Read More▸

juice boxes
July 12, 2016

Durham group educates, feeds to break cycle of poverty

Between EDCI's learning camps in the morning and afternoon, the children get a hot, healthy lunch from the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.Read More▸

June 18, 2016

Cultivating minds at the Geer Street Learning Garden

With the idea, the land, and the funding all in place, the Geer Street Learning Garden has truly bloomed this spring.Read More▸

June 15, 2016

A Collaborative Mission to Provide Food For a Community and the Bees

In collaboration with Bee Downtown and Burt’s Bees Foundation, Geer St. Learning Garden is installing 2 beehives and developing a pollinator garden area.Read More▸

Geer Street Learning Garden
June 8, 2016

Geer Street Learning Garden – Cultivating Community

The Geer Street Learning Garden grand opening was a colorful collection of partners, funders, friends, and press.Read More▸

Geer Street Learning Garden
June 8, 2016

Community celebrates Geer Street Learning Garden

The last day of May was perfect for celebrating a place for growing, for coming together, and for renewal and revitalization: Geer Street Learning Garden.Read More▸

Awesome workday this afternoon at Eastway Elementary School for our @foodshuttle Junior Master Gardener class with their Friday Club group. Today we learned about healthy soils with the fifth graders
May 2, 2016

Gardens, partnerships growing at Triangle Elementary Schools

By providing students with tools to grow their own food, we are alleviating food insecurity and promoting health in children’s lives.Read More▸

Jauntavia Prather during her service trip to IFFS Geer Street Learning Garden
April 26, 2016

Guest Blog: A Week In Durham

"What I believed food insecurity to be, and what I actually found it to be, were two completely different, totally complex ideas." -Jauntavia PratherRead More▸

Facing west on Geer Street. Reinvestment Partners and the Geer Street Learning Garden on the left. Photo by Holly Bourne.
April 23, 2016

100 East Geer Street

IFFS is collaborating up and down an East-Durham city block, working towards establishing a local, urban food system.Read More▸

February 29, 2016

Farragut Systems steps up to the plate for Durham children

Farragut Systems fueled employee engagement - and fed Durham children - by offering a payroll-deduction donation program PLUS a corporate match.Read More▸

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